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You know, whenever those kids hold up those "Glomp Me!" signs, I always make the mistake of reading them as "punch me in the stomach as hard as you possibly can." Strange!

I'm at Fanime, in the Internet Cafe area, walked past one of those kids yesterday afternoon (there are very few this year). He asked for a hug, I explained I was on my way to change shirts as I'd been running around all day and was wet and stinky.

See ya at the panel.

Damn hippies, always wanting hugs...

"Glomp" makes me think of the noise the power droid makes in the Jawas' sandcrawler at the beginning of "Star Wars."

Psh I'd glomp you...

Even though I'm usually the one wearing that shirt that says, "Glomp Me And Die."

Do you think The Japan Society would be so nice in asking George Takei to come to fanimecon next year? Oh god I can see him talk about yaoi and being a awesome MC for the opening ceremonies and masqurade.. OH MY!

PS: I am actually serious, it would be awesome to have him there.

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