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Pedro Edogawa, that's from Edogawa Ranpo? Double-reversed cultural interplay is a high-concept game! Please bring in more concrete smells and touch-textures.

I was extremely saddened to find out that Dan Hager was killed in a tragic car accident going to work on Monday morning (local newspaper article and obituary). I was friends with Dan ever since I can remember- he was on my very first T-ball team and was a roommate through college. I have so many memories of Dan: high school days at Walton, riding around in his black Nissan Pulsar, college days in the dorms at GT and then in the Pink Palace, shared ME classes, GT football games, shows in Atlanta, CD shopping in Five Points, road trip to visit Matt in college, many Braves games. Dan was one of those guys that everyone liked, and he will be sorely missed by everyone who knew him. Though I’ve listed a few of my memories above, I know that there are countless more that I and others may have- feel free to share your memories via the comments. Below is a link to recent photo of the Hager family (thanks, Brett).

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