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passion! Me duele en mi corazon!!

That was much better than an actual Japanese production would probably end up being.

viva la cornhole!


That's pretty damn amazing. I weep manly tears that I didn't follow my dream of getting into movie production.

Things I liked best? Everyone seemed to grasp the need to act with proper melodrama. Subtle things are like spice with Harlock and must be used sparingly for maximum effect and I think this guy nailed it.

The costume maker grasped properly that the key to making Matsumoto costumes real is proportion. Don't try to slavishly copy the drawlings because you'll get 3 inch wide zippers and collars that reach over the top of the head. Some may crave that look, but it's distracting and pulls you out of the moment.

The woman playing Kei is smoking hot. God, I hope she's not like 14, I'll feel like such a pervert.

Miimay looks...too spooky for what/who she is. She should be mysterious and somewhat sensual, and the key is her golden eyes, which should look wide and innocent. There might not be any way to create that look in a living person, unless you go with 'digital makeup' like Gollum.

I would have been much happier if the gentleman had used tracks from Space Pirate Captain Harlock. I think it would have 'sold' it even better, because that's f'sking great music. I assume he didn't have access to the CDs.

Boy, I wish there was some way to capture youtube clips on a Mac. I'm probably not looking in the right place for a tool that does that.

I wish the gentleman well in his future! I think his heart is in the right place.

Knew you'd like it. My jaw dropped onto the counter and just stayed there for 10 minutes after seeing this trailer...bit of a pain to snap it back into place afterwards.

As for downloading a HQ version, the guy who made it hosted it on his site. Sad thing is though that 7 days after he put it up on Youtube, his bandwidth was just eaten alive. Now he says just roam P2P networks or something to find it.

Of course anytime this is Googled, it leads right back to his Youtube video.

But..I'll see what I can do...

Very impressive, and remember, like the trailer says, it's H-A-R-L-O-C-K. ハーロック。Not "Herlock."

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