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Mr. Peppler seems to be turning more and more to the side of terror. Why, just look at that borderline Kaede/Rock Howard alternate costume-lookin' jacket he's got going on there.

The use of Gundam BGM was a nice touch.

Pat, if the section with the football-playing robots didn't swing it for me then the arcade piece with the online mech fighting game topped it off. My brother was looking over my shoulder at the video and when the arcade game was over he said to me " who is this guy and how do I get to him?"

All Hail, Pharaoh!

"So we are talking O-T-A-K-U..."

The robot pilot team had the three guys and a girl--so far, very authentic. But technically, shouldn't there have been a fifth member in each group, an annoying kid sidekick?

>But technically, shouldn't there have been a fifth member in each group, an annoying kid sidekick?

What do you think I was doing there?

Is it possible to get one of those akibabots online to Australia?

That was a really awesome report btw. Looking forward to more!

That was the most incredible thing I've ever seen. LOVED IT!!!

Keep up the good work Patrick!

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