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BTW the Asian Art Museum already has the exhibit catalog for sale. It is very nice, a hardcover filled with essays on Tezuka and images both black & white and in color.

Sounds cool. I'll try and sneak a peak when I go to the museum tomorrow.

Someone has to ask Fred about that Phoenix 2772 screenplay that the article claims he wrote!

AND the Asian Art Museum will have the exclusive on Fred's new book, the Astro Boy Essays. How'd we get so lucky? And what is it about the Bay Area that is like some kind of lightning rod for this stuff?

It's because we're awesome, essentially.

Careful guys. This is the kind of thinking that generates killer earthquakes. And yuppies disguised as bike messengers...

Now I'm curious, what scenes exactly had to be deleted for US release?

Comparing the old Anime Comics, to the Japanese VHS, to the version released by Best Film and Video...my guess is that the psychedelic opening sequence with the Phoenix flying around was probably snipped. Other candidates include more bits of comedy with Crack and the gang. There's also a loooong conversation between Olga and Godo near the end that runs at different lengths depending on what version you are looking at.

Does anyone care about this film as much as me??

Wow--I haven't looked at one of the JFFS newsletters in a loooong time! I'm the guy who had dinner with Tezuka, along with Fred Schodt, at the Japanese consulate in Chicago. What a dinner--a colossal "lazy susan" in the center of the table and a continual flow of new dishes for about 3 hours. I'd only been studying Japanese a couple years at that point and was in way over my head. And nervous as hell to be sitting two seats away from the Manga no Kami-sama himself!I think this JFFS article was written by Ed Godziszewski. I don't recall now with certainty, but it may be that Fred wrote the English subtitles for this touring copy of the film. And yes, Patrick, I care very much for this film too. It was definitely dear to Tezuka Sensei's heart as he made abundantly clear in his conversation to audiences as well as in private.

Wow, Alex Wald out of the woodwork...

Please tell me you are the same guy who was on "Naruhodo the World" competing in the Tokusatsu Hero quiz against Ragone, Evans, and Foster.

If so, your favorite monster is Kanegon and you do a pretty good Godzilla roar.

!!! Very good, Patrick! That's me. Please tell me your knowledge of my expoits is limited to my Otaku-dom and you don't know my Swiss bank account number or what went down with the Glo-Girls one rainy night in Indio. It's not apparent from the final edit of the "Naruhodo" show that my buzzer wasn't working the entire time. Not that I had a chance up against August and Damon. I did answer the one question that stumped the other contestants--the identity of the "European folk character" that Ultraman father once disguised himself as.

The correct answer is...Santa Claus.

I got it all on VHS. Ima Youtube it when the stars align. In the meantime Alex, your art (link below) is fakkin' amazing!


I saw this exhibit when it was in Melbourne, Australia. Its heavy on the manga. I don't know what people will be expecting-but it exlores Tezuka's work through the years (themes, etc.) and doesn't really dwell on any particular genre (so don't go expecting it to be a showcase of Astroboy toys and comics...)

btw..Patrick I'm getting an incomplete address for the Asian Art Museum link..

I came a little late to PHOENIX 2772--I saw it in 1984 at the Oakland Airport Hyatt that don't exist no more--but it reallly did feel good like an opiate. That is in retrospect exactly how it felt.

(As a minor detail, I dislike the overuse of the phrase "it's like [a previous show or film] on crack." There's nothing wrong with a drug comparison, but endeavor to use the same finesse you would with any other metaphor. Most anime are actually closer to blow than crack--that is, they offer 20-25 minutes of relative pointlessness.)

For the record, I didn't do the subtitles for Phoenix 2772. As I recall, they were quite horrible, and maybe they had been done by someone else, in some other, far away country. Jared Cook and I worked on the film as consultants, and tried to give Tezuka some thoughts about what might or might not work with Western audiences at the time. I have heard (but never confirmed) a rumor that we were credited on some edition as "consulting brains" or some such thing. We most certainly didn't write the screenplay! :-)

I remember eating dinner around the table, with Tezuka, Dr. Soeda, Alex, and perhaps others, and I remember being in awe of Alex's interest (obession?) in Godzilla, I believe it was. I have no idea what sort of food we ate. Usually, when I'm hired as an interpreter, I never get a chance to eat, even when the most delicious food is right in front of me...

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