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Oh shi... I'm caught off-guard! Now where did I leave my wallet?

Congrats Patrick, here's hoping for a successful release!

Also, reported on DDN.

I can confirm it is in real bookshops. Today I was at Moe's in Berkeley and spotted a stack. Told the staff to keep an eye on it as I predict they will be sold fast.

About an hour later I ran into a kid who I had told about the book a few weeks ago, he ordered one for his sister.

I also mentioned it to a couple of other local stores who now have it on order.

Hey Gilles,

Thanks for the review in the new Newtype USA! If we do a second edition, I promise to put in a glossary for ya!

Patrick's book on sale at a place called "Moe's!?" Ha! But I assume that's "Moe's" as in "Larry, Curly, and..." rather than "Moe's" as in "Moe Burger"...?

Anyway, I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but if you haven't grabbed a copy: do it. It rocks. There's nothing else out there even remotely like it.

It's Berkeley's best bookstore, or at any rate it was when I last checked. I found a copy of Gary Yanker's PROP ART there--that's how good it is. I don't know if it was named for any knucleheads, however.

(One of my lingering regrets in manga editing is, for the scene in Volume Four of EVANGELION where the Angel Israfel throws Units-01 and 02 together to collide in mid-air, I couldn't figure out a way to convey that coconut sound from THE THREE STOOGES. If so, I should have ordered that the FX be used.)

wow..how are people already selling it used on Amazon if its just been released??

A recent episode of BBC3's Japanorama was all about gyaru (bad girls).

There are a couple of clips on Youtube, but the entire show is available via torrent. The BBC has never been particularly interested in releasing shows on DVD.

A synopsis below:


hi im brena rose alsdorf.

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