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scarred for life

was that....was that Pink Lady and Jeff?

That was definitely Pink Lady and Jeff! I watched the Video Professor Confessor and blacked out. An hour later, I woke up disoriented with blood on my hands.

I remember being mortified to see Jerry Springer (subtitled with double the vowels) on Dutch TV at the IFF-Rotterdam. It's harder to keep perspective on such things abroad. I felt like Harry Dean Stanton in RED DAWN when they're trying to break him at the drive-in movie theater internment camp--of course, as if that's going to break the likes of Harry Dean Stanton.

If I remember correctly, the rest of Dutch television consisted of infomercials for Tai-Bo. More fodder for the TV Sheriff!

I wanted to say, this also reminds me of Emergency Broadcast Network and Negativland. I suppose an early-90s revival cannot be that far off.

Hey Carl,

Baldwin showed some EBN stuff at the TV Sheriff disc launch show. I cannot fucking believe that "Get Down" was 15 years ago. Anyway, the evidence seems to indicate that the Sheriff may do some work for the actual television-monster-machine, which is why his chops are so sweet. There's also some genuine TV-otaku style love in his stuff that the glum '90s boys lacked. The anti-NWO politics are there, for sure, but so are Pink Lady and Jerry Lewis!

(For the rest of you who want to know what the ding dong blazes we are talking about, here is "Get Down" by the EBN http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6dh0iEkDEkU ) <---- fixed linkage

According to YouTube, that URL contained an Edogawa Rampo-style Horribly Malformed Video ID.

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