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I admit that the contrast with Tetsuwan Atom* is apparent. But am I correct that whereas Tezuka's manga first began in the early 1950s, Kikaida dates from the early 1970s? Without denying the force of Ishimori's point, it's not surprising that a work directed at a different Japanese generation of kids might take a different tone. Tezuka too was re-examining his works in that era.

For what it is worth, by the way, Takao Saito regarded Shotaro Ishinomori** as his closest personal friend, up until the latter's death in 1998.


*Or in the original less-pretentious-ese, "Astro Boy."
**I can remember when he changed his name. It seems to me that all the most important works of his career were done as "Ishimori;" on the other hand, perhaps we should respect his wish to be called "Ishinomori" posthumously--sort of like "the Showa Emperor" instead of "Bunta 'Bud' Hirohito."

Hopefully there will also be a Leiji Matsumoto flashback too. More 燃え, less 萌 please!

The nice thing about "The Leij" is that he's still alive (hint hint).

You also got banned (again).

Well, you'd have Tezuka even if Ishinomori was never around, but you probably wouldn't have Ishinomori if Tezuka had never kickstarted the whole manga deal.

That being written, with Ishi having created (as I recall) Kamen Rider, sentai and other tokusatsu related fun, his influence is more pervasive. You don't see something Tezuka-esque every year, but you have at least a new sentai show every season, right? Tezuka's still the kami-sama, though, and where's Go Nagai in this discussion? Super robots, ultraviolence, erotic comedy, a Devilman movie with Bob Sapp as a newscaster, etc. = a champ in my book.

Just picked up Otaku USA last night. Awesome stuff. Seriously, it's pitch-perfect. I didn't realize Brian Ashcraft would be contributing, too...that was a nice surprise.

The thing that makes it great is honest reviews and articles that aren't just about the latest thing, but turn an eye back to the awesome old stuff. Otaku USA gives off the vibe that you guys dig not just the latest and greatest, but can still dig the old Tatsunoko or Toho stuff from in the day.

For those of us fans who were paying $35 for a video-taped second-generation copy of the laser-disc version of Castle Cagliostro without subtitle when we were in high school, that's nice to see. Consider me a new subscriber.

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