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Does this mean I have to make an AWO Myspace page? Along with Gmail, Youtube, and everything else that makes the Internet fun except of course for this very blog, Myspace is completely blocked at my workplace.

If it comes to pass that I have to be in possession of a Myspace page, which in the grand scheme of things is even worse than having a Livejournal, I predict that future issues of Otaku USA will become a venue for discussing the greater ramifications of The Prince of Maths and the Ronald Reagan Machine.

oh, great. Gonna shame me into actually doing something with MY MySpace page?

Cripes. Like I'm not worthless enough now.

Get on it Steve! I just uploaded the "Brian May & Friends" version of the "Star Fleet" theme to the Flash MP3 player....

Well it could be worse, you could've been coaxed into doing something Facebook...

*shudders at the thought*

Wouldn't most of your readers/demographic be on facebook?

Maybe. And for the record, I'm fine with Facebook. Rap Cat and American Idol even.

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