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Today I walked into Kinokuniya to attempt to reserve a copy of the magazine. They told me they didn't have it, so I wandered off a bit dejectedly to work... Suddenly I was being flagged down and he's waving the magazine, "We do have it!" Been looking forward to it, so I was about to ask him to set it aside when he just started ringing me up! LUCKY :D So far I really love it. Really really. I'll be blogging about it soon, I'm sure.

PS - "MGS-laden broth" (page 15) is such a wonderful typo. METAL GEAR SOLID SOUP? XD With Solid Snake noodles and bits of tinned frog? Calorie Mate on the side and you're all set.

I dropped by Kinokuniya in San Francisco yesterday after work and they had a stack. The manga guy told me it was selling fast.

Oof, I wish I'd remembered to check when I was picking up my Japanese magazines at the San Jose store earlier this week...now I have to wait and try my luck at the Beaverton location back home @[email protected] But it's supposed to be at regular bookstores too, right? Borders and the like?

Yeah, it is in regular stores because I picked up mine this past Thursday at my local Barnes & Noble. I definitely like what I'm seeing, especially in regards to the diverse nature of the articles and what OtakuUSA covers. Also being a listener of the Anime World Order podcast, I find it very cool to see both Daryl and Clarissa's contributions. In addition, the 'flip' component of the manga section is especially unique (in a great way)! So yeah, you've got yourself a regular reader here.

I'm shocked everyone is jumping street date on this! A big "glomp" to everyone who is picking it up!

I'll be checking stores in my area and if they don't have it asking them if they have it on order.

If they are sold out I'll be asking if they will be getting more.

Nothing like a little in person encouragement to get stores to stock it.

I hadn't heard about the magazine at all until I pulled it off the cart yesterday, to put it on the shelf at the Barnes & Noble where I work. Bought a copy on my lunch break and was pleasantly surprised. I really enjoy the sheer volume of manga reviews and I hope that keeps up.

With Jason Thompson and Ed Chavez in charge of the manga section, the coverage is probably bound to only get bigger.

I do believe we have a winner here. My biggest regret is that Suncoast is dead, because damn, I could have sold 50 copies an issue at the one I used to work at. 50 copies easy. We were blowing thru an average of 23 copies of Newtype USA every month (usually rec'd a box of 40, 78% of the time we'd sell to zero but the rest of the time we'd drop to 20 or so. Alot depended on how late they shipped to us.) so based on that history I'm confident we could have moved 50 copies an issue of Ousa...oh, weep for what is no longer, weep...

Lacan at Fanime, Zizek this week? Are you going on a psychoanalysis bender or are you just more freely blogging your indulgences these days?

Anyway, looks like I need to go downtown to check the bookstores there for issue 1. I'm looking forward to it!

Also, Patrick - I found Crusing the Anime City at my school library and picked it up a few days ago, and I have to say, to see all the embarassing haunts I was so proud of finding on my own be summarized into 20 or so pages was a profoundly humbling experience. That, and I'm totally going to Taco Che next time I'm in Tokyo.

Congrats on getting the first issue out; I haven't bought my copy yet, but I have been enjoying Japanese Schoolgirl Inferno. I see in the comments on the review page that some people share my sentiment that the mag doesn't need a DVD, especially if it ends up pushing the price over $9.95, which is one of the reasons I don't buy Newtype USA anymore. I request that you please use your magazine to educate the children on the depth and breadth of otakudom and how it is applied beyond whatever "kawaii bishie" they get attached to this week.

PS-The Highlander anime as the first cover? I know it's Yoshiaki Kawajiri and all, but seriously, HIGHLANDER? What a waste of Madhouse's time.

I haven't watched the Highlander anime myself, but apparently, it is pretty bloody and awesome. Maybe it's not the coolest franchise out there (what is, nowadays?), but it also comes without an ounce of "kawaii".

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