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lovin the title... hahahaha. sweet mp3

I think you should let the Masked BAKUC do all future promos.

You might say we've got "monster madness"!

Soul Dracula?

Was that the wacky Japanese title for Blackula? Ohhhh, Blackula dubbed in Japanese...that would be magical...

Damnit, I was going to whip one up as a surprise but I've been foiled again!

Curse you, Soul Dracula!!


Make one! You are the legendary god giant of the promo, so we bow to a superior intellect!

I shall see what I can do.

And as promised, here ye go.

Steve! Sadly, Soul Dracula was a French disco song, not an alt.title for Blacula. Here's the amazing promo for the song itself. Please tell me you used to go to clubs and dance like this in between chasing Star Trek: The Motion Picture gossip in the '70s!


Pizza and chocolate? What typecasting! Oh, wait, what's on this smeared on my housemate's computer? Nevermind.

Soul Dracula was a SONG?!

Day-AM, Mofo!

So it's not the 'oh crazy Japan' title for Blacula. Pity. Because I clearly detected some William Marshall in that picture....not that anyone today remembers that the 'King of Cartoons' was Blacula...

Dance? me? I'm so white you can set your monitor's white balance off my skin! I'm so white that rice looks at me and says "damn! that's pale!"

That's my way of saying I can't dance.

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