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Personally, I don't think my will would have been as strong!

Rporting: Fully stocked at the Barnes and Nobel stores in Grand Rapids. MI.

Only in the racks, second tier, behind NewType USA but in front of Anime Insider.

No placement at POS pockets by the checkouts.

No placement in the Manga section.

From an article I found about Otaku USA in the Business section of the Sun-Gazette:

'For the first year that the magazine is out, there will be a bimonthly printing.

'Next year, we are going to make it monthly,' Hintz said."


Perhaps that will be the time when I'll be able to get away with writing feature stories on generic Hokuto no Ken thug fashion.

Danny Tanner says his "Riddles N' Sudoku" section should be done by then.

No love at Target in Toledo, OH yesterday. I figured I'd check Target since it's listed on the website, I was near one, and I didn't feel like driving across town to Borders or B&N. Maybe tomorrow I'll get over to the real book stores.

By the way, I flipped that at the very moment FanimeCon was running a maid cafe straight, Mari Kotani, over at WisCon, was doing it this way. I'll quote verbatim from the program book:

176 Mad Scientist Japanese Tea Party
Parties•634• Sunday, 2:30-5:15 p.m.
Mad Scientist cafe designed for Otaku-girls serves as an antidote against maid cafe which has long fascinated Otaku-boys. At this cafe, Mad Scientists in white with a pair of glasses, who can't communicate with ordinary women, serve to the visitor whatever he or she would like to drink, while wind-up chambermaids and Geishas keep supporting them.

Now I'm thinking I went to the wrong convention that weekend, especially as I own her book on Evangelion. As a history major, I'm ordinarily somewhat allergic to critical studies, with their fancy talk of "tropes" and "problematizing," but then when I saw Kotani cos-played as Ritsuko for her author photo, I knew she was with it.

Reports on the event:



Official site: http://scifitique.org/

I got my issue on Wednesday from B.Daltons. It was pretty easy to find there. Barnes & Noble had it too, but it was on the bottom rack, towards the back sitting somewhat obscured next to Protoculture Addicts. It seems so sad there so I switched it with the front row Newtype USA display. Suncoast probably had the best display out of all 3, though. It was eye level in their anime section. I'm really enjoying the magazine so far.

BTW, thanks for having the Cat Girl Kiki trailer on the dvd. I was unaware of this dvd, but it looks like it would be a hoot. What sold me on it was when the poor, lonely otaku teaches his cat girl to be a maid and then pumps his hand in the air as if to say "Yeah!" and that his dream has finally come true. LOL

I managed to get my copy of Otaku USA. And it was the only copy my regular comics shop brought in. But I've got to pay about USD$13 for it though.

I know this videoblogger! I met him at MangaNext, he listens to my podcast!

Finally found a copy at Borders, no love at Books A Million. It was displayed right in front on the second shelf, and the end cap display had a bunch too. Now where's that damn subscription card?

Do you know what the magazine website needs, Patrick?

It needs a "get Otaku USA in YOUR bookstore! here's how you can help!" page.

What it would be is downloadable contact information forms. one in PDF format, one in plain text that ANYONE could download or copy and paste and then print out. This form would contain a list of contact information that could be used by any bookstore or magazine stand, no matter if they were a chain or an independant operation. Main distro contact at the publisher, key distributors (with the code or exact listing as it appears on their sellsheets and databases). It would be politely worded, like "Dear bookseller: I understand money and rackspace is tight, but this is a magazine I would like to buy from you, and I think others would like it too. You may not have known it was available, could you please start stocking it? "

And maybe have a line for the person to write their name or something so the bookseller can see it's something real from a customer and not just a junk handout.

Imagine an independant bookstore that's not carrying Otaku USA, and suddenly they get a dozen people saying they want to buy a $10 magazine... not just 'disposable' comments from someone at the checkout but pieces of paper, with names- trackable, documentable proof that there is a desire for the product. bet that boosts distro sales.

Now, note: there should be a big advisory saying "Don't do this if you're NOT going to buy from that store! You have to commit. The store is taking a chance by carrying the magazine, reward them by buying it"

I am FULL of ideas. Or full of something.

Gotta represent..yo

Anywhoo I was pretty damn stoaked to see Otaku USA out and fierce in the US of A bookstores. I am happy to report seeing it at Borders and Fry's Electronics here in Sakuramento, CA. Honestly think it is much better then ADV version of Newtype tho the subscription rates kinda scare me. Suffice to say you have a lot of good content and writers! GAMBATTE !!

Ha! Sakuramento! Where is the Fry's anyways? My guess is Florin Road, hopefully near the mall.

Florin is dead.. replaced by a Super Wal-Mart either later this year or sometime in 2008. Which I don't think will make it any less ghetto then say how it was in the late 80's. Fry's is in Natomas off of Northgate/80. It is pretty ugly compared to the bay area stores.

Oh yes we even have a IKEA here now too!

The Portland one finally opens July 25. I have six weeks to host a house party before my bookshelves lose all their cachet.

Hello, long time lurker first time poster.
I just thought I’d mention I found and bought Otaku USA in a drug store at my local small town mall in northwestern Minnesota ( Well not entirely small, Moorhead MN pop: 32,000 ) Which was pretty surprising because at the time I couldn’t find it in the Barnes and Noble’s in the next largest city(Fargo, ND) near my town. Not to mention that drugstore doesn’t even carry any of the other anime or manga magazines, it was a rather pleasant surprise.
Anyway keep up the good work I look forward to the next issue.~

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