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There seems to be a clear division between hats w/facial hair and not. Nevertheless there's something of TOO TOUGH TO DIE about it.

Also, I'm the only white boy.

I dunno..Atom looks pretty dang white to me.

Carl beat me to the hat/facial hair connection.

When's the Ishinomori version happening? Besides right now IN MY MIND.

I'm already planning the Marvelous World of Leiji Matsumoto on various post-its and cocktail napkins. Hopefully, homes can get some respect before he checks into the boneyard like Tez and Ish.

"he checks into the boneyard like Tez and Ish"
Not cremated? Is that not the thing to do anymore in Japan or am I mistaken in thinking that was what was common?

Why is everyone being so literal today?

It was good to run into everyone there and meet Jason.

I left the museum with a fullset of the Mighty Atom mugs from the gift shop.

I'll be there again tomorrow morning to actually look at the Tezuka and Yoshitoshi (happy conjunction) exhibits. Plus get more swag from the gift shop before heading out to see Paprika in Berkeley.

Was also going to check out Paprika in Berkeley, but it's been brought to my attention that it's also playing in J-town at the Kabuki Theater. That said, there's nothing wrong with an outing to Berkeley if that's what you have in mind.

The reason I was thinking Berkeley is that I live in Oakland and have shopping to do in Berkeley. Who knows we may make the 2:15 showing at the Kabuki. I'll sure lobby for that one with my friends and we can get some shopping done in Nihonmachi.

I've submitted this photo everywhere to plug books by all of those featured. Chronicle and Del Rey can pay me by cash or cheque!

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