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Pretty good. Hope it gains plenty of new readers.

Speaking of which, when does the next issue ship, I've got my sub in and am panting in anticipation. (Really I am)

I just picked the issue #2 up yesterday at my (new) local grocery store. Honestly, I didn't like the garish colors on the first ish -- the Gunbuster 2 cover on the second soothes both my eyes and my soul.

Ah, so you're watching Gurren Lagann, huh? Glad you're liking it.

For some reason Death Note was a surprise but I guess it shouldn't be.

Hey Brian,

Without sounding like too much like I'm out to sell my New Original Crispy Chicken Crossandwich (a word in my spell check for some reason) I think issue two is big improvement in a whole lot of ways. Pitch me some stuff!!!

I'll do that, Patrick. Speaking of recent reads, I just started Warren Ellis' "Crooked Little Vein" late last night. Two words: Godzilla Bukkake. Brilliant.

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