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That Okita sure looks Final-ish to me. As to the Starsha, that exact image looks familar...was that on the first series DVD box? Because I think all the Playstation images kept to that 'hyper Leiji' style. It just may be that Tohoku Shisha is playing an interesting game here, what with all the Nishizaki level merchandising going on all of a sudden.

I want Matt to milk his contacts in Bandai and waterboard the fools to find out if that super sexy new 1/700 Yamato plamo kit that comes with the new rerelease of the first series on DVD will be released as a seperate kit to buy, because god DAMN it's nice looking and everything the 1/350 model wasn't....er...in my eyes.

the other chara on that banner are pure 1 series 'model shots' from what I can see and I love it. LOVE IT! I would turn that into a hugpillow! Well, no, I wouldn't, I just said that to keep my street cred.


The Starsha painting first appeared on some artwork that was created to sell the Yamato movies at Cannes in 1985. Everything else on the banner is brand new, and matches art that appears in the game itself. There's a huge presentation book that was given out at the November promo party. If you see it, BUY IT. It's beautiful!!

And of course, by 1985 I mean 1988. Just to put the A in Anal.

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