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Is it just me or does the girl have longer eyelashes in the second video than she did in the first?

My only gripe with the ad is that you don't see the pachinko machine at all. Or is this the norm, Patrick?

Could you get into pachinko, Patrick? Where I am there's nothing like pachinko even in areas where the vast majority of patrons are Asian. So I can't understand how salarymen can waste their hard earned money on these things.

Also. About the girl. Umm. Aahhh. Nice uniform.

BGM: Blur, "There's No Other Way"

We have a bank of Lupin pachinko at the Dragonfish in downtown Portland, but, scandalously, they're non-functional. It would be great if convention game rooms could get some in, the same way they feature Japanese arcade games--bearing in mind that the Subversion Slingshot cannot be shipped to Malta.

Patrick, I've given the "Theory P" explanation as to why the new Evangelion movies were made some thought, and while it certainly could stand for "plausible," it also occurs to me that--if logic were to apply, pale reason that hides the truth of the infinite--this theory would be better suited to, say, a "Revival of Escaflowne," or some other mid-90s series that had enjoyed strictly modest success and had since been largely neglected*--rather than a phenomenon that made tens of billions of yen the first time round, and which therefore would probably have no trouble securing backing for a sequel in a more traditional manner. Y'know?


*I started to type "forgotten," and then I considered the feelings of an otaku.

Hah, first one is awesome. Love how they come in with Makka na Scarf. So epic. Then it cuts to a model dressed as Yuki :V

Uhm, they know "Yuki" isn't going to be at the pachinko parlor, right? Just scores of mole covered grannies and fiftysomethings in their hernia wraps. Oh, and gangsters.

I've seen the pachinko animations from the machine's company website, and there are all kinds of problems there. For starters they ignored the playstation games and the Pluto dudes are white again.

For a sec, I thought I was looking at a modified version of that McDonald's CM with the hot super model dressed as Ronald.

Still, the first one has indeed made my week.

Carl - Revival of Escaflowne has a nice ring to it :P

Hmm, that second one reminds me I need to ask my dad why he would get up at 6 am to watch Star Blazers with my little brother and me back in the '70s....

Ignoring the Playstation games is exactly the correct thing to do to appeal to true hard core old school Yamato fans. I expect the Yamato pachislot game to make huge bank for the parlors.

Expect an Arrivederci,Yamato based upgrade sometime around May. Just a guess.

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