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You just had to get a picture of you with one of the exhibits in the background, didn't you?

Also will this make it into Otaku USA?

Satoshi Kon apparently went to that same exhibit.

>You just had to get a picture of you with one of the exhibits in the background, didn't you?

Um, yeah. It's my blog. Is it shocking or something?

Patrick! MOVE! That Baltan Seijin is gonna take your freakin' HEAD off with his big ass claw!

So how much of that was original and how much re-creation? I mean, those suits were 'rode hard and put away wet' (so to speak) and I have a hard time believing that the foam rubber used survived.

Everything in that first room was recreation. It was the only place we puny humans were allowed to take pics. The rest was the real deal...roadkill monster heads, parts of King Joe and Gomora, the Ultra One's silver boot, unwashed Science Patrol Uniforms, creature concept art, scripts, you name it. Best of all was a mad room containing ALL the '60s era merchandise: every marusan kit, bullmark figure, asahi sonosheet. Brilliant!

Man,it sounds like a lot of fun, right up my alley.

And yet, sometimes I feel like I DON'T want to 'peek behind the curtain' because I'm so in love with the illusion. I recall a book that came out years ago on Star Trek that had photos of original props and costumes and accessories and to learn that the Klingon uniform belt buckle is nothing more than a piece of BUBBLE WRAP glued to a normal belt buckle, with a little paint around the bubbles...that kinda hurts in some way. I understand it, when you're cranking out episodes your main concern is "is it cheap? is it fast? does it look OK when filmed?" and that's all that matters.

It's OBVIOUS that the Science Patrol helmets are a standard motorcycle helmet from the times with some machined aluminum do-dads on them, but IN THE SHOW they're very special. I'm sure their personal zap guns are the same, rather cheap looking but they did the job on film.


Patrick, how big was the exhibit? There's no scale in the pictures. Did you have enough room to walk around or was it a tight squeeze?

Also meant no disrespect by last comment. Sorry if offence was caused.

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