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This is the next logical step for someone with such BURNING PASSION.

That suit is awesome.

Sir, you have just made my week. Getting the single ASAP.

I'm pretty sure this is meant to tie in with his recent endorsement of Jaleco's latest Wii game, which appears to involve large semi-trucks, customizing them, and that same jumpsuit. Perhaps he just wears that same garment all the time, that would be pretty awesome.

Check it out ya'll.


why stop at buying the single? You need to get over to Riki's clothing line and don some of the finest linens known to man!

If anyone could revive the V-C yakuza eiga genre, a snarling mug of Riki T should do!

just watched the video. WOW! If only I was a producer/director.

What's up with those clown pants?

is planning on spinning on his back on a piece of cardboard like in "beat streets".

This was almost 10 years ago, but I met Riki along with his tailor who offered to make me a suit. Scheduling conflicts prevented me from following up, something I regret almost everyday of my life.

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