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She reminds me of Lady Bunny. Maybe they just love the same country-politan divas of the 60s.

I need a Japanese hairstylist...

Wtf is a hair calendar and why is the bear featured so prominently...?

Nearly two weeks of different styling ideas for each day. I think she met the bear at work and they wound up really falling for each other.

Isn't there a term for that type of thing? Furry or whatever? Hehehehe

But the real question is: WHO are the readers of this magazines?

It seems to me the readers are 15, 16-year old girls who are also reading Popteen and Cawaii! and shop frenetically at Liz Lisa. That's the type of girl who I see reading it anyway. Are this young girls really OK reading a magazine about hostess and such? Do they even know what the magazine is REALLY about or they just look at the fashion and think it's all extremely cute? I mean, the magazine seems MUCH more popular among teen girls than among twenty-somethings.

I need answers!! haha

This magazine is targeting women in their early twenties, the same kinds of people who make up the editorial staff. But others outside of the circle are picking it up simply because it's such a totally intense magazine. More on Koakuma ageha shortly. Keep hitting that refresh button!

Here is a Koakuma blog http://koakuma-gino.blogspot.com/

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