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Kitamura was destined for a career in Hollywood after doing Azumi and Final Wars. I hope the film will be a success and he can establish himself here. After Hideo Nakata and the Pang Brothers failed to make any impact with their American films, it'd be nice to see Kitamura succeed. He certainly has the right attitude and good language skills. Good interview, too.

Plus, he recognizes the greatness of RAMBO.

Really liked the interview in O-USA, and this one was pretty rad too. I like how he approaches things. However, I doubt I'll ever see many of his films since I'm allergic to blood.

What worries me about this interview is the lengths at which Kitamura goes to express how Midnight Meat Train--the goofiest movie title since Snakes on a Plane, which only people from the Internet like myself were willing to watch (though at least it didn't sound like it was the title of a gay porno the way MMT does)--is nothing like the rest of his movies as far as style, tone, and so on. The whole reason I watch this dude's stuff is BECAUSE of the crazy action, goofball comedy, and general Corn Pone Flicks-ishness of everything. And this movie's not going to have any of that? If you ask me, the reason pretty much all of those Asian directors/actors who came over to America never really hit it big here was precisely BECAUSE they change their schtick from "whatever it was that made them stand out" to "be just like other things we already have here, only not quite as good" on the grounds that people in America won't go for it otherwise.

So it sucks to hear that this'll be just a straight-up horror flick. Like he said, now that there's years and years worth of torture porn out there like Saw and Hostel, making a pure horror movie with a lot of bloody violence doesn't exactly stand out from the pack. Granted, I was never a big fan of horror movies in general, and the ones I do watch all have significant action or comedy elements to them.

What I'm trying to say here is: tell Tak Sakaguchi to hit the Stairmaster so they can make Versus 2 already!

So says the guy who liked SHOOT 'EM UP.

What are the songs?

"No Satisfy" and "3-3-3" (cover of the Suspect Device by Stiff Little Fingers) by J-punk 1.0 band Anarchy.

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