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Did they have you do that awkwardly looking wave at your door? That was too funny!

Only around take 30...

Use of the Densha Otoko TV soundtrack was a nice touch.

That felt kind of like a two-minute pachinko game, which is not a bad thing. Jerking the dude into the apartment was an excellent touch. Japanese variety shows need to go head-to-head with Sabado Gigante--it'd be a battle of titans.

Patrick-san: You did a great job.It was so funny how you "invited" the reporter in .All in all it was interesting to see how different parts of the world interpret the culture ^_^.

Best line, muttered just as you let him in: "why do all of you guys look alike?!"

That you got Magma Taishi's mug on Japanese TV again is worthy of some sort of prize. Expect a call from the Emperor shortly.

This will probably result in a dramatic drop in the number of Japanese tourists to San Francisco.

Tokyo Eye needs to visit Anime Weekend Atlanta. The image of Mr. Peppler meeting hordes of Ameriotaku sends me into massive fits of laughter.

He could have a 'man voice' face-off with Mike Toole.

Yeah, has nothing to do with the video above but it made me think of all that....

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