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I need to get a good quality - meaning, better looking than YouTube - version of that Slasher Remix so I can show it during "Anime Hell" on the big screen to thousands of people and thereby infect their brains with Message From Space disease.

Hey, do you want to work up some kind of Message From Space panel thing at AWA?

I have the Slasher remix in DVD quality around here somewhere. He might have also put it up in better quality somewhere else...need to check.

Man, a Message From Space panel. Would anyone come or care? Maybe it could be invite only via. stealthy distribution of glowing walnuts.

Loving that typeface on the English logo.

Hell, walnuts, gold spray paint... how hard is that? I say we do the panel AND hand out the walnuts. There are better dreams in space!

Man i love this movie! i've been distributing what i believe to be the best R2/English dub copy available - copies are free, just help distribute them as well if you want one. Check the Youtube link above to get in touch. :)

Did you ever find where you put your DVD quality of the Slasher remix? Still looking for a better encode over here, and they've ganked the audio on the youtube link.

Would it be possible to get the ISBN number for this book? I build model sci-fi vehicles and would really like to try to hunt down a copy!


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