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It really is pretty astounding!

Manga as wine? What about that recent manga that is about wine?

Jason is a pretty mysterious person. I hope he'll answer your questions in his own special way.

More of a beer guy here.

"Each day in America, thousands of manga are read, and hundreds of manga reviews go up on the Internet. Half of these reviews are deleted by librarians after the reviewer uses up their 15 minutes on the terminal."

Sir, this joke does not make any sense! Are we to understand that people go to the library to read manga and type about it it en masse at public libraries across the nation? Or perhaps people write OROCHIMARU SUX in MS Paint, and that is to be counted as a review...FACETIOUSLY? I can only conclude that this joke is one that can be only understood by librarians themselves! I demand an immediate explanation for exactly what this joke is supposed to be referring to.

Writing jokes that nobody reading the article could possibly get. You'd never see ME doing such a thing, I can assure you!

Next time go the High Times route: "Which manga makes for better rolling paper?"

I wonder how that would go over like at Borders.

What, don't they have High Times Magazine at Borders?

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