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This comic is basically read only by other people in the kyabakura industry, right?

Clennell's documentary paints quite a different picture.


Multiple purses getting stolen? I am naive to think that this doesn't happen much in Tokyo.

Since both purses appear to have be brazenly snatched in Kabuki-cho, we can safely assume that a Japanese person would not be responsible.

Maybe she had some limited edition Yamato model sticking out of the top of her Gucci tote.

(Although I guess that would only explain the theft if the 犯人 was Patrick or a member of his crew)

Do you have scans? I'd like to take a look at it if you have a link handy.

That's funny.. "a different world" indeed. In Osaka it took me a while to understand why 'straight' Japanese people would start to look uncomfortable when I would unwittingly mention that most of my female friends/ex-girlfriends were hostesses or kyaba-jo. It too me a bit to realize the sort of 'stigma' that goes along with 'mizushoubai.'

Re: The Great Happiness Space, I actually knew Isseikun while in Osaka. He is exactly in person how he appears in the flick. One time I asked him if he sexes his customers - he was like "If I feel like it." What a life.

Wow...pure gold.

What do you think, is this to boost the morality of working girls everywhere or paint a fantastic life for those thinking of making the plunge?

That last line at the end is officially the required High School Yearbook quote for every child I ever father.

It's really hard to figure out exactly what ageha's real agenda is. They play their cards so close to the vest...Do they want to bring people in, or make themselves feel better about where they are, or both? I really don't know. As for people who are inside of that world now, or have already passed through it, everyone seems to have had a radically different experience that can only be speculated at by outsiders. That seems like such a "no duh" thing to say until you realize that the real story here isn't just about hot girls, magazines, or manga, but actual human beings who have to commodify themselves in the most literal sense to make money and earn a living.

As an American, my initial gut reaction when first exposed to the Japanese female experience was a sort of pity for these girls, especially for mizushoubai girls, and their seemingly hopeless and limited role in society there.

After getting closer in however, I began to notice just how deftly Japanese females actually play Japanese men, and I don't even mean just hostesses. They, the women, have basically accepted the limits placed on them, e.g. in most office settings, etc., and in turn work around it, through other facets of society.

Once a hostess eventually snags a rich dashing salaryman or shachou into marrying her and giving her a few kids (if that's what she's gunning for), I've found them to be much happier in general than the typical American female who strains to find her 'soul-mate' , only then to spend the rest of her marriage disappointed that reality isn't like one big romantic comedy.

Hi does anybody have more scans of this manga?
I really would like to see it
please e-mail me at [email protected] if you have scans

I'll trade you for chobits scans.

sure what kind of scans from chobits?
(wow late reaction btw)

she's got her own makeup business too

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