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Oh man, oh man. I don't even read American comics but I still think Stan Lee is "The Man." He is so fucking awesome in every interview I've ever seen/heard him in, and this is no exception. Congrats, Patrick.

Also, the theme song is great.

...Win. Absolute win.

I'm guessing Ultimo won't have any connection Ultimo Dragon either. :(

Surprisingly good interview though! Surreal to hear Stan Lee talking about manga and stuff..

I'm a little girl from Hicksville, NY.

Stan who ????

Stan is the greatest!!!

Ugh! This has soo much potential for this team-up to go bad. Has anyone read anything Lee has written in the last ten years or so? It's all been awful (Stan Lee Imagining the DC Universe, the occasional issue of Fantastic Four, all those bad movies and everything that's come-out of Lee's, POW Entertainment)his writing style doesn't hold up at all. Please let this be more of an actual collaboration that him doing the writing and Takei just doing the art and designs.

I'd like to go on record to say that 2007's
"The Last Fantastic Four Story" (with great art by John Romita Jr.) was the most recent thing that Stan wrote that I actually enjoyed quite a lot! Also, Fat Momma is Stan's best new character since Irving Forbush!

Best photo of Stan Lee I've ever seen.





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