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Good episode! You should take it easy with the echo next time patrick. The echo started to hurt my ears after awhile. If you ever need another guest to come on the show one of these days though let me know, I'm available.

The echo was absolutely intentional and has been described by others as "like god speaking down to his disciples using plastic cups." It is the new reality.

I'm all over a fucking Godman sequel.

I was tempted when Konata sang Godman in Lucky Star. Then I saw the opening sequence and gave up.

Issue 6! Issue 6!

Somebody better be at Otakon to interview JAM Project.

Ichiro Mizuki isn't listed as attending yet, but God, I hope he gets to bug to jump in and show, just for fun. Naw, that would be too cruel to me. It's cruel enough as it is.

True test is, how many of the Ameriotaku will even have a f'sking CLUE about most of the songs they're likely to sing and BURN DOWN THE HOUSE WITH THEIR POWER!

Oh I know, as press, I'll be all over JAM Project at Otakon. Unfortunately, since I (currently) do not write for Otaku USA, I'm not covering it. But I managed to drag Mike Dent out for Otakon again, so who knows.

Ya know, it's a funny thing. I listen to Patrick and I catch all the 'Abayo Flyby' riffs and bon mots and shit and what is the deal with Mike not even trying to keep up and fire some back?

I suspect were I to end up on one of these Patrick and I would quickly be speaking our own secret language...

Have you Survived and found yourself Newtype? NO because they WENT AWAY! BWAAAAHAHAHAHAAHAH!

PiQ-R.I.P 11/08 just you watch

Steve - I think it was due to my recovering from the week of sickness that put me behind on all my projects, thus sapping me of any potential Hot Blood Overdrive Moments that would have transpired.

That and my house phone that was by the microphone I used was ringing like crazy during the recording session. Hm, maybe there was a bit of mild annoyance that held me back too.

Meh :P

Jesus Christ! Mike, you were great and All Is Love. Insecurity is for people who have yet to produce a podcast of their own!

Just offering up a theory is all :P

Good show guys , I've gotta tell you I am massively jealous that you guys managed to get JAM project hitting your shores.

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