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Wow, those 80s outfits gives me deja vu! Are those girls auditioning for a drama remake of KOR?


While watching this, I kept half-expecting a bunch of Onyanko Club look-alikes to show up. Then the girl with machine gun appeared up and I really wished they could have broke through the wall and duked it out Sukeban Deka style.

Nope. Not even. Once again, my hopes dashed against the rocks. Sigh.

I'm just gonna leave all my mandom behind and admit that I think AKB48's Bingo is the best PV ever made. It's made of 100% undiluted win.

But this is pretty great stuff too :D

Is it just me, or does this kinda remind anyone else of Yoshimasa Ishibashi (Vermilion Pleasure Night)? Maybe it's just the surreal approach and female cast, but it feels like his shtick.

Also, love the "Demon with a Glass Hand" reference. If I am not imagining that as well.

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