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Nothing better in a minority-ignoring culture to utterly fetishize the one group who has always and will always hold all the power.

And THAT, ladies and gentlemen, was MARXY!

Holy crap, it's A Gold Digger's Field Guide to Sugar Daddies.

I'm guessing that the upper leftmost image in the last photo is Tommy Lee Jones?

I guess there *is* a Country for Old Men after all!

Now, if they come out with a book of sumo oyakata in their dark blue zip jackets, I'm so there. (Yes, we all have our hot tears of shame.)

Let's be honest with ourselves; we've all had thoughts about Lesley Neilson at one point or another.

Huh? You said Liam Neeson? Well nevermind then.

I, a single female in my 30s, visited Japan for the first time recently. I have never had the hots for older men, in general, and I was fully expecting to find older Japanese men unattractive and dislikeable (conservative, lacking in wit, sexist, fill-in-the-stereotype).

I was proven wrong. My interactions with older Japanese men were pleasant, sometimes exeedingly so. I was expecting to want to punch out a dinosaur or two (almost spoiling for a fight, you could say) but, instead, I was felled by that "karesen" charisma.

Weird, isn't it, how an older, intelligent, accomplished person can be so damn sexy?

The most disgusting male I had to deal with in Japan was a "career gaijin Engrish teacher". I'm pretty sure he'd find the idea of women appreciating "karesen" to be the "most fucked up shit ever" as well.

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