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I believe the correct phrase is "DUUUUUDDE! SO WASTED!!"

(Message for Matt: cut down on the eyeliner. Nothing can hide the fact you're aging backwards and will soon be donning the traditional Japanese 'short pants and suit coat' look, cosplaying Daisaku from Giant Robo....)

Powerful podcast. Did my feed hiccup because the subject of the 'amazing toy store' vanished like it was some tea house dope dream.

This Adam person...sounds like a nice enough guy, but I feel sorry for him. It sounds like he doesn't know the history of all of Bandai's failures to really stick in the American market (Power Rangers being the one exception, and frankly, the toys are getting worse and worse each year compared to the Japanese releases), and from just the few comments I can already tell Bandai has dropped the 'do it like it's 1982' playbook on him.

Does he know that Bandai has had a deal with Diamond for the past couple of years to import SoC and SiC toys and it's pretty much gone nowhere? Oh, there'll be mobs of people at their booth at SDCC but man, there's mobs of people at EVERY booth at SDCC, because it's insane. The 2500 or so comic shops in the US are not on fire to buy dozens of $100+ toys...

Ah well. Nobody asked me.

I should say, Adam WILL have a good deal of success if he's just following Bandai's current plan: Focus on Pac Rim first, then the EU, then South America, and then get around to those stinking, ungrateful Gaijin in the US of A...

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