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Are you Kabukicho's "worst nightmare?"

You need an airsoft M-60. I know they make them.

I also greatly approve of the coat and if I wasn't a walking tub I'd want one just like it.

It sucks because the theater we went to in Shinjuku only had a small sampling of Rambo goods, ala bandannas, cell phone straps (bought), and clear plastic files. The hunt continues for the T-shirts and Rambo "perritos calientes".

Daryl needs a bandanna. srsly. he will be your dogsbody for life for a Japanese Rambo bandanna. I can sense it.

>>clear plastic files

Perfect for storing tax returns, resumes, death certificates....

If anyone out there is looking for just the goods, minus the movie (perish the thought), you can get a bunch in the ticket lobby of the Shinjuku Wald 9 (atop of MARUI CITY, yeah baby)...they have the Rambo tank top set (4000 yen), but alas, no shirts or hot dogs.

A bunch of little kids were there for Prince Caspian, but it warmed my heart to see that were clearly intrigued by the big sweaty face of the 'Bo.

Good photo, Patrick. The spirit of Col. Trautman is appeased.

"It's over Patrick....." -Col. Trautman

Sly, on the juice and over 50, can't be good for the heart. Would be great if Frank Stallone appeared in a Cirio Santiago war film.

(while i'm on my dorky one-liners)
"...was it over when the German's decided to bomb pearl harbor!" -John Blutarsky

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