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Aoshima PR woman (pointing to tiny Fishing Crazy Sampei model kit): "Anime and manga is really popular in the US, and so is this, right?"

Absolutely!! But then again maybe only the voices in my head think Sanpei is popular...

That logo...that's just really creepy.

...which really begs the question, what does NON standard type M4 PMC 3.5mm look like?

Sampei is super-popular with two people in North America!

Suddenly I want some Army Bread for some reason...?

Watch this become the top google result for my name...

Well, I believe that 'Standard Type' for the M4 refers to the class of the item itself, i.e. no red dot sight or laser or light or any added metal content, as opposed to 'heavy weight' where there's cast metal instead of polyresin and such like.

God, I am such a gun nerd.

So, Tamiya Army Bread. that's a REAL food product?! The hell? Tamiya goes into the food biz?

Also I was under the impression that Bandai bought up Aoshima some time back. One of those "we don't really talk about it" things.

I wonder if Tokyo Marui still makes their U.N.C.L.E. Special pistol. Man, I'd love an airsoft version of that.

>>this was balanced out by an absolute lack of moe anything.

Pyohohoho~, just wait until Wonder Fest :3

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