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Everything about this post is GOLD.

I'm blessed to have a copy of this film with english subtitles. I'm a sap for yakuza eigas and although not a super great film (a la Fukasaku), its still a fun movie to watch.

Now I just need to get my mits on Sadao Nakajima's "Okinawa Yakuza War" (1976) also with Chiba and Matsukata (very soon).

Harumi Sone > Makoto Sato

I have the pre-record of Okinawa Yakuza War around here somewhere, but I always get it confused with this one on account of the locale and a big sweaty Matsukata center-screen. I guess the real difference comes down to Sonny Chiba in a wife beater unloading a Magnum .44...

Chiba + Wifebeater + .44 = A Night of Visual Bliss. Thru the geek forum grapevine, i've heard Okin. Yak. War is more outlandish and charming than 10yr. i sadly can only guess.

the thing i noticed with YE's made in the early 70's to late 70's is everyone is still wearing Aviators (who doesn't?) and the army surplus / suit jacket is replaced by the leather bomber. (a clear indiction the 80's were heading for fashion nightmare).


A DVD-R of this - in French language only, sadly - is avaiable from:


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