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It's enough to make a grown man cry....

Is it the short pants?

What?! Naw, man, it's all that sweet Nomura Toy Yamato stuff and the Takara Star Wars stuff and god only KNOWS what else on the other shelves...maybe tons of Mole Tanks. There was a huge demand for Mole Tanks in the '70s for some odd reason...

Kittyland is mostly full of Disney and Sanrio stuff these days. There's still a decent boy's floor with the usual Bandai sentai/kaijyu offerings, but nothing special in the era of Yodobashi Camera, etc...Although a few years back, I did manage to find some very nice Leiji Matsumoto illustration postcards and mini-posters there (a mix of classic and recent work) which nearly convinced me that 2004 was 1979. A big Harlock one now hangs over my desk next to the Shotaro Ishinomori calendar.

It doesn't really get any better than Analyzer robot and short pants. You're right about there being a weak selection there, now. I think all I walked out with last time was some Ishinomori Kamen Rider and Yoshida MachGoGoGo postcards.

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