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Just a brief reminder that this is the *only* Lupin III movie that broke the greatness barrier or that will ever matter in the grand scheme of things. The others either suck or are vastly overrated.

I had such a high hope on 1996 film "Lupin III DEAD OR ALIVE" directed by Monkey Punch himself.I even interviewed him for my own assignement at work.
However,it just didn't have the groove of "original"Lupin.
I had to face the fact that Lupin III as we know is the joint creation of many other people.

I was also told from Monkey Punch about this young man who is the biggest admirer of MP's work and is also from Hokkaido, chose to make a character heavily inspired by Lupin,and started his own series on Shonen JUMP from 1978.The young admirer was Terasawa Buichi and the character was Cobra.

Man, I love that poster.

But I'll have to disagree-- Mamo was good, but the plot just got too silly. I guess I'll be boring and say I like Cagliostro the best.

Well, you would. Miyazaki took down the tits to warm up his stealth moe for the masses.


Also, I only say I like Cagliostro the best because I haven't seen Dead or Alive enough times to form a proper opinion on it... (Nostradamus and Babylon are too bad to be even worth mentioning)

But as far as Lupin stuff goes, my favourite stuff is in the original manga and the first TV series. Can't beat that stuff.

Actually--or perhaps more accurately IMO--the Lupin III property that is the current best work is "Episode 0--First Contact." Optimum blend of noir Lupin, sexy Lupin (w/some great Fujiko fanservice), silly Lupin, and crazy-ass Spy-Vs-Spy Lupin--plus a tight plot, plus some real depth to my favorite supporting character Jigen. Cagliostro will always have a place in my heart, but it is definitely more towards the G-rated sentimental side of Lupin. Mamo? I appreciate it as a piece closest in spirit to some of the most crazy-ass early Monkey Punch manga version of Lupin, including a totally outlandish excuse for a plot.

Long story short--it's all good, but there are many flavors of Lupin and all us fans have our favorite varieties; I just happen like him best when he's noirish, dangerous, and R-rated as well as still silly. Bet you didn't need such a long-winded comment but--oh well, you got it anyway! :-)

I was told from Monkey Punch himself that Hoolywood has the filmright of Lupin and the plan was flying around the studio for decades.(I've heard about this in '96)
Any of you know about this?

MP himself had Jean-Paul Belmondo in his mind when he started the series.(like JPB in Phillipe de Broca films like "That Man From Rio" and"Chinese Adventure in China").And anime version staffs definitly had Elliot Gould in their mind in the 70's.

I heartily agree about Episode 0 and the first TV series. Un-toppable. But Mamo was my first Lupin, so it will always be the standard bearer. However, I heartily DISagree that Cagliostro was stealth Moe. Lolicon, perhaps, but it takes that creepy kiddy-porn vibe to make it Moe IMO.

And I may get slapped for this, but I'm one of the few people in the world who didn't hate Hudson Hawk (though I've never had a need to see it a second time) precisely because I went in thinking of it as a Lupin-and-Jigen-come-out-of-retirement-for-one-last-caper story. Viewed through that lens, it's not a complete waste of time.

I *have* that Lupin poster rolled up in a tube someplace. I bought it a few years ago from a poster retailer in the suburbs of Tokyo, probably for 1000-5000 yen. I don't recall exactly.

It's a little too groovy for my walls at the moment.

I'll give Mamo this much: it has the best Lupin villain ever, one later ripped off by The SoulTaker and the 'Chambraigne' episode of Space Ghost Coast to Coast.

Monkey Punch has stated in other interviews, including the one included on the Funimation R1 release of the film IIRC, that he only directed the opening and ending of "Dead or Alive".

And, yes, Hollywood has obtained the rights to a film version but this didn't happen until 2003: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2003-02-27/lupin-iii-coming-to-hollywood

Back in '96, there was a rumor floating around that Tsui Hark was going to make a Lupin movie. Nothing factual was ever produced to back that up. Currently, the 2003 confirmed Hollywood rights are lingering in development hell.

I interviewed Tsui Hark for Animerica around the time of Animated Chinese Ghost Story and when I asked him straight-up what would be his next project after Time and Tide, he said "Lupin" and that it had to be Jim Carey or bust. Should we be glad this never came to pass?

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