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Just a friendly warning that if anyone mentions that hateful MST3K here, I'll send the comment back to 1978.

Just to take things to the next level of geekitude:

"He tried... to kill you with a forklift...!"

So THAT'S what inspired the uniform designs in Odin: Photon Space Sailer Starlight. I was going to question why these intrepid men are all blousing their pants like paratroopers, but then I took a closer look at that cover art and saw that guy riding atop the space fighter.

It's scarely.I can still sing this song!

I don't get it. The show itself was not so popular in Japan, but a lot of random people are able sing the theme song!


If we're sticking with 1978, does it make me a bad person if I still like the "Suupaidaman" theme better?

Whoops...that was me, above.

No, the Spider-Man theme is pretty rad, too.

I love the way it ends with the echo-y, no music pronouncement of...


That's awesome. It's funny how anybody who's heard it always remembers that beginning..."yeah, yeah, yeahhhh....Waow!"

Hillsy - Thanks for posting that link. Episodes of Star Wolf and Message From Space: Ginga Taisen FTW

No problem. It's just cool that people actually put this stuff out there to find!

Ya know, it's funny, I don't think the Bacchus III ever looked quite as spiff as those art cuts. But then again, we never really got to see it in all its obsessive glory in the Sandy Frank edits.

fantastic , I love your blog !

Somehow,for the reason unknown,1978 was the year for Edmond Hamilton in Japan.

NHK aired Hamilton's another space opera franchise"Captain Future"in anime format.
The theme song,is my all time karaoke favorite along with another 1978 anime "Captain Harlock".


子供の頃は空を飛べたよ~ I miss '78!

The Jim Backus Three.


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