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This is what happens when someone writes an article before they even have an opinion. The article wraps around itself like fluffy fairy floss. Wannabe sensationalist dribble.

Yeah, I mean I guess it would have been nice to quote some other sources besides my blog as an example of people "overreacting", but what do I really expect from a site full of Anime Expo press releases?

Ok, it seems I need to clarify some things here. I did not say that you said "it will lead to an eventual collapse of the industries on both sides of the globe." Patrick. I did not mean for it to look like that. I'm sorry if it looked like that to you.

And I understand your concerns were with Akihabara itself. The key phrase here was "Some even are claiming" I did not say "Patrick" I said "Some" meaning I heard some stupid peoples on the internet saying that it would lead to an eventual collapse. I do not believe it will lead to an eventual collapse nor did I say that you were overreacting.

I did not mean for the post I wrote to "generate a dubious and emotionally overwrought debate about otaku culture" either. And the questions at the end are just that, questions.

Damn. Akiba pedestrian paradise might soon be a thing of the past:


"That is really sad. I hope to God that they don’t eliminate all anime conventions."


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