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Yoshiki Takahashi sounds like a true God amongst men. I love his commentary.

Yoshiki is a devil among men, not a god.

Among many other things, he's the graphic designer of Eiga Hiho magazine, did design work on the films Machine Girl and Tokyo Gore Police, and he created the cover and interiors of my book OTAKU IN USA.

Yoshiki is als one of the main contributors to the book “嫌オタク流“, “Ken Otaku Ryu” or “Hating the Otaku Wave”. You can read the opening "manifesto" of the book here:


There is, of course, also his SHOGUN TORTURE short film to reckon with:


SHOGUN TORTURE seems a good way to punish Kato...

Reading the Yoshiki Takahashi update I tought that Kato should have committed seppuku with his knife to clean his sins of "the super pathetic looser"...

Few minutes ago TV was broadcasting the funeral cerimony of the younger victims of the Akiba massacre and the journalists were discussing about the fact the Kato had a lot of jobs and said something like: "how can an hataraki person like him turned in to a crazy murderer?!"... (please note: my Japanese sucks even more than my english...)

Seems like Kato always developed his "work hard" skills, but never bothered to develop his "get what I really want" skills. So when he finally tried to get what he wanted, he did it in the most primitive, violent, and childish manner possible: he threw a tantrum. Coldly planned and murderous, but still essentially a tantrum.

>>There is, of course, also his SHOGUN TORTURE short film to reckon with:

Oh, he made /that/

Yeah, a devil :V

Red meat?

Dude if he wants steak he can call me to cook his meats anytime (assuming he gets his unlimited supply of frest red meat).

Still Patrick, your friend is a very harsh and unforgiving man. One could even say graceless, but I'm got just about as much grace than him.

Because the same society that created this "f*cking loser" also created him.

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