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This stuff is incredible. I've had "Let's Ondo Again" on repeat for days now, be it in my head or otherwise.

Just checked on a whim and, sure enough -- same guy who did another song you posted months ago that I found to be... at first kind of terrible, but kept coming back to it for some inexplicable reason only to realize no, this song is, in fact, amazing.

And then I Googled the name and wound up landing on some kind of album overview of his you did. Between that and a mention in the earlier blog entry, I've since dug out the Happy End albums I've had lying around for ages and have finally gotten around to processing some of it.

So yes. Your championing of the strange and wonderful works of Eiichi Ohtaki has not gone unappreciated.

Yeah, the LP review for japattack...I shall ad A LINK! Everyone likes Happy End now, so I think the Ohtaki love can only grow.

This is great! I'm so glad you put these up. Thanks!!!

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