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Matsumoto-Sensei really takes me back. I grew up reading Captain Harloc, 999 and Yamato. Even his short stories. Thanks for the images. Too bad I missed you at AEX. I live in LA but couldn't make it this year. No Shoko-tan for me. Guess that leaves me with ComiCon


I think I'll have that last one tattooed on my arm...

I love Leiji's ero period, it's so darn innocent on many levels, but FILTHY on others.

I've always wondered why his stuff wasn't tapped for the OAV boom years. Maybe he was trying to put all the death and oral sex behind him or something.

I have to assume The Cockpit did HORRIBLE in Japan, otherwise there would have been more. Even tossing out 90% of his war stories as being too similar, there's still some fine stuff out there.

Yeah, it's weird that no one has done any anime of his that ISN'T sci-fi in some way (The Cockpit, with that German A-bomb, is practically speculative history). Most people I know say his best manga are his "broke potatoheads who live next to hot chicks" sagas liike Otoko Oidon and 4 Tatami Mats. At the very least someone should try and make a Galge...

I just can't believe how trashy anime and manga have become today. Remember how it was back in the '60s, when we had decent, enjoyable shows like Astro Boy and The Amazing Three? It's like all the popular stuff nowadays has to be sexed-up, whether it's that Fujiko hussy in Lupin III or the panty shots in Brave Reideen.

And don't get me started on that Go Nagai fellow. A bad, bad seed is what he is.

That last post was awesome!

Wow...many thanks for posting these. Yes, it may look dated to some, but so what? It's truly gorgeous stuff!

Matsumoto - impossible to dislike :D

btw, anyone knows, if those galaxy express sequels of the last years were any good?

I've heard good things about Galaxy Railways, if that's the one you are talking about.

When Matsumoto and his works are mentioned, I read some of the forum whines made by those younger than me, but I chuckle to myself, knowing well that I watched Starblazer on FEN back when I was living in Yokosuka... and back then that was an awesome epic saga.

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