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Are they some sort of band? Host club? O_o

Bon Jovi is the first thing to come to mind.

Hosts on the FRENCHKISS Group payroll.

I personally never bought the Bon Jovi comparisons. That hair was big, poufy, and teased out. Host hair lives or dies with styling wax and an electric curler to create volume.

Get a haircut, Hippie!

Hehehe, I can see where generations collide! Bon Jovi I'm thinking of is the newer Jovi. Yeah, I know his hair was huge and teased back in the '80s (which is probably was most people think of when they think of him).


Similar, but yeah, not waxed out. Love hair wax...

To be fair, Bon Jovi 1.0 *did* rock the acid washed jeans and sleeveless flannel shirt look. But none of those clowns on Center Street would be able to call him out of a line-up.

The guy in the upper left corner looks out of place somehow.

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