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Welcome to my nightmare...

It's just a man in a suit. Or rather 3 of them, all sweating and hunched over with their faces obscured. Weird.

Gotta feel sorry for the backmost guy....

I mean, if the other two had a big curry lunch...

Japanprobe linked to this entry today. What the heck?!

Watching Rodan again I realized that the sound that the giant bugs make is almost the same as the giant ants in THEM. And the 3 guys in a rubber suit of Rodan is much more convincing then the marionette ants from THEM. Now that I think about it, the opening of Rodan is a lot like THEM. Here we've got giant insects in a mine instead of the L.A. sewers.

Dude! Paul Frees is in the english dub! The voice of Toshiro Mifune in MIDWAY! And Dr. Who in Godzilla VS. King Kong!

Holy crap, Keye Luke is the narrator/hero on the english dub! And George Takei on here too, according to IMDB.

the thought of having to put on or be in that suit at all in any position is just hellish. ah yes, the things you go through to have cheap special effects.

...to make a great, classic movie, you mean!

THX! Makes me want to watch the movie again :D



Ok...I suck.


It's about time somebody tell me why Japanese name "Radon"(as for shortage of Pteranodon) had turned into "Rodan" in the west....

I heard he had some pretty hefty alimony payments stemming from a messy divorce from his first wife some 80 million years ago....

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