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I first saw Rodan on TV one afternoon as a kid, and I remember being freaked out by the giant bugs that attacked the village. The strangeness of those bugs was made even stranger to my young self by the dubbing, the people talked like they were in a dreamland, and it gave me nightmares. Not Rodan, who I thought was really neat in that way that dinosaurs drive the imagination of every child, but the miners under attack from the giant crawling demon bugs in those houses that seemed to be made of paper and couldn't keep you safe from the evil bugs. In my bed at night I was afraid to close my eyes for fear that the giant demon bugs would push though the walls of my bedroom. And I was afraid that the dream talking miners wouldn't save me in time.

Yeah, I remember the bugs throwing me for a loop too when I saw this on UHF as a kiddie, also the scene where the miner is trapped in the cave watching the egg hatch. A lot of really intense moments in Rodan...The Eastmancolor look of the film makes this one for me.

the ending makes me weepy :(
damn those jdf -- shoot the bugs, save the rodans.

i remember seeing this around the time "my bloody valentine" came out (i was 8/9) Wasn't a good time for parading in mines for me. Especially with "The Boogens" around the corner....mommy!!!

The Aurora Rodan model is one of the two I ordered because of an ad for them in The Monster Times (the other, of course, King Ghidora) because by that time there really wasn't anyplace carrying Aurora kits like they used to. I painted it with a brick colored deep red and gave it a 'wash' of black ink to bring out details, then played with the base to make it more real- added more crushed building stuff, things like that. Won a minor award at the local IPMS meeting.

looking at the pic above, I'm feeling I really nailed it.

Yeah, the ending of Rodan. Presumably, the bugs are still out there and happier than ever since there's no big predators left to eat them up. I forgot what if they make any sounds in the US version, but they sound like squeaky balloons in the original, which is very disconcerting. This one comes out next month on DVD with Gargantuas.

OTAKU USA should sell Aurora kits in the back to draw up more comparisons to the Monster Times.

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