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You girls really need to stop buying this shit. I pray this is mostly some LA thing that will blow over real soon."

Sorry, mang....that shit is all over Seattle, be it Nordstrom's, Macy's, high end outlet malls (sounds strage, dunnit?) Ain't just LA.

Can you like, burn down any place that is selling it?

Hell yeah.....the streets will run brown! From all the melty Frango...


I heard that PiQ was a sure bet to win 'best mag' next year....

Hey Uncle Steve....your workbench is looking a little dusty. I can't talk...I've got a whole 1 entry in my "Sofubi Lounge" over the last 3 months...

Well, I've had some major, major problems since May, and it's totally destroyed my mind for the kind of quality posting I want on my blog...

Like I wanted to write about what I thought was wrong with Newtype USA..well, it died and became PiQ. Then I wanted to discuss why PiQ was a total failure from the start, but it died much faster than I predicted (I had November in the pool)

So I think I should write about Iron King and Red Baron and the different feeling they give me, but the depression is so bad I can't even see straight.

Most writing I've done lately is junk like this, and workng on a mess of Yamato LP and CD stuff for Tim and the Star Blazers web site.

And freaking out over a former friend finding my blog and my urge to buy a S & W .500 revolver and blow his fucking brains out...ahem.

just trying not to die yet, that's all I can do.

I think that's my problem...I focus on "quality" blog entries when I should use the "shotgun" method and just put anything out there and hope something is decent. Look at Patrick! ;)

And remember, Steve-O...Tokusatsu blogging=gooder, shooting former friends=badder....and prison!

Re: J-Rock Revolution

I so do remember the days of lugging VCRs to the local SciFi cons and getting attitude and dirty looks from the Klingons. (That's not entirely true. The KDC were much less uptight about them Japanese Cartoons then the rest of those mother Filkin' SciFi worldcon types...)

Luckily we were somewhat accepted (read: ignored) by the comicbook convention people and got our Laserdisc players in the doors that way.

Hey, if the J-Rock people wanna rail against the Narutards and the Death Note doters I won't stand in their way.

Anime Club Shirts? Anime Clubs make shirts? Where?

Do Anime Clubs adn Motorcycle clubs (1%er's) follow the same principles for wearing club gear?

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