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Please tell me what that opening song was.

"I've Been Obsessed" by Outrageous Cherry.

Another great episode, love the way your voices become hush when you enter Traders.

Highlights; ribs and pornography, pornshop bingo more intense then Dungeons and Dragons. Kinda beautiful dude!

Didn't Matt already relate his Umezu encounter in an earlier episode. Great hearing it again either way.

Matt covered the Umezu meeting on his blog a while back. This is the first time he talks about it into a little tape recorder.

I think you might be thinking about his equally strange encounter with Katsuhiro Otomo covered in one of the old Nakano Broadway episodes?

On that note, I actually ran into Otomo AGAIN the other night. If you define "happen to find yourself sitting down the bar from someone" as "running into them," anyway.

Much like Ukon no Chikara ("The Power of Tumeric," a great band name if there ever was one), I'm not sure if this latest oblique encounter was "refreshing"or "intimidating."

Hey Patrick, thanks for putting this up! I really needed a good laugh...

Thanks for the follow up, it must have been the Alt blog where i read it first. There i was thinking that Tokyo is a big city instead the hottest mangaka hang at every corner.

So.....how did you end up paying?!?

I have to admit I've got a soft spot for Trader Vic's. When I was living in BrewTown, we'd go down to Chicago for Trader Vic's. We moved out to Seattle, and lo and behold, they were building a new one in Bellevue (east Seattle, basically). I fuckin' loves me a Scorpion Bowl...

And Alt, you crackhead...they've got 'em all over:

Some day...I WILL be sipping a MaiTai in Dubai!

"On that note, I actually ran into Otomo AGAIN the other night."

And Otomo sensei was in serious need of Ucon no Chikara or something.He seemed totally burned out!

>>So.....how did you end up paying?!?

We signed the bill "Katsuhiro Otomo" and ran!

Trader Vic's in Seattle hath closed. Sounds like all of the U.S. spots are not doing well. I guess people just don't appreciate "tiki" anymore...

That's sad and sucks.

Man, Patrick. I was talking with this girl from Japan today, and apparently she works in this Trader Vics!

God, maybe that's her bringing us the pork spare ribs. You must have the madd nampa skillz...

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