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I'm sad I missed this movie in the cinema, since it was one of the two movies I wanted to see this year. The other was Indy 4, which I watched and kind of liked. Maybe I should hop a ride over to Japan just to see Mach Go Go Go on the big screen...? :V

The Wizard of Oz and Willy Wonka bombed too when they first came out. I'd like to live in a world where Speed joins that club. But yeah, I could still see why most plebs couldn't roll with it (hint: these are the same people who think WALL E is like, a scathing critique of American culture, because that's like, deep or something...fuck I got so bored just even typing that).

I liked "Speed Racer"...very much eye-candy. Stays pretty true to the original, as well. Plus, the Mach5 got more face time than I expected...which is good. I thought it was funny how the shwag for it at the Japanese theaters had "Speed Racer" in katakana on them, as opposed to "Mach GoGoGo"...

I'm ashamed to admit I don't read O-USA on a regular basis...is the Japan Times article the same as in this past issue?

The OUSA version of the interviews is straight Q&A. There's more context, background and stuff like that in the JT.

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that we've just listed you on Japan in Motion's Blog on Japan blog. Thanks for keeping this blog so interesting, its a great resource. But perhaps you could explain the name?

I loved the live-action SPEED RACER...thought it captured the look and feel of the original toon perfectly. I cannot understand WHY so many despised it, but that's a question future generations will have to answer.

Met Peter Fernandez at Comic-Con in NYC back in April; he's a true, honest gentleman, and he even signed the manga collection that DMP had just released. It was also great to see him in the movie too!


Explaining the title, via Wired magazine's review of one of my books...

"St. Augustine of Hippo said that Rome was an eternal thought in the mind of God. Anime City author Patrick Macias sees Tokyo as 'an eternal thought in the mind of Godzilla,' a subcultural paradise for anyone brought up on Japanese pop culture."

...although I'm considering changing the name from Godzilla to Nick Adams. Because Nick Adams is eternal as well.

"...although I'm considering changing the name from Godzilla to Nick Adams. Because Nick Adams is eternal as well."

How do the kids say it..."for reals!"
Put me down as a "yay".

So, how did Speed Racer do in Japan?

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