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(Pleaseohplease tell me she's a lolita beginner... Oh, gosh.... >>;; )

But fashion aside, she's an excellent artist! That was nice of her to give you a cool-looking autograph... ^^

I patiently await your convention report! ;D

She said the theme of her cosplay was "'80s Idol" so no, it's not lolita. She did have some amazing deco nails, though, like something straight out of koakuma Ageha.

Shokotan is kawaii

Wowzers! Cool autograph/drawing. How long did it take her to scribble that out?

Took her a couple of min. as we all stood around oooh-ing and ahhh-ing, her staff included.

How big is Shokotan's kaigai entourage?

I don't know the first thing about the byzantine world of Japanese talento jimusho, but I do know that there is a ton of inefficiency and costs built in.

Then again, there's no CAA in Japan so... you win some, you lose some.

There were about 12 people in all inside of that room with us. The only ones we ever met were Shokotan and her Sony rep. They were all Japanese and zero "con staff" was present. There was a makeup person who gave her the once-over before the photos and someone filming it, but not with big shiny lights. Everyone looked like they knew what they were doing.

In two minutes... Man, she does has some smokin' mad skills. :D

Ok....I know better than to read everything the internets tell me, but this is just funny...

Re: her favorite of her 4 cats:
"Of these four, she particularly adores Mami, who appears in her blog frequently. Mami's cute looks have attracted many "Mamitasu fans"; she has appeared on television and in magazines, and was the subject of a photobook, "Giza * Mamitasu!!", published in August 2006. Another sign of Nakagawa's adoration for Mami is an act which appears frequently in her blog, called "good smell" (putting one's nose to the rear of a cat and smelling it). Mami is also made to join in with her owner's cosplay, particularly as Luna from Sailor Moon, although recently the black cat Luna has taken over this position."

Knowing the kind of bombs my cat drops...there is no way I'm checking for a "good smell".

Whoops...that should have been "believe" instead of "read". Proceed.

Er, what's that on her head?

A hat, you silly guy!


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