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Very cool interview. Love the questions about the retro anime.

Even though she dresses strangely, she seems to be very intelligent and articulate. I think I can identify with that...Female Otakus ftw! ^o^v

Dragonball is retro?

Gosh, I don't really know, but yeah, that's what she said.

Dragonball comic started in 1984, a year before Shokotan was born. And the anime version started in 1986, when she was one year old. Yeah, I guess it's retro for her alright.

I think it'd be fair to state that Shokotan would have been able to catch some of Dragon Ball Z on TV as a child--Z ran until January 1996--so I don't know if that'd count as "retro" or not.

And I feel the same on the "natsukashii" material, at least as far as American cartoons and other children's programming goes (I never did grow up watching anime conscious that it was anime)--I have fond memories of series that aired in the late 80s/mid-90s, and the further removed something is from that era or earlier, the more I find I can't find something positive to say about it, and wonder, really wonder, what my teenaged brother and sister will have to feel nostalgic about when they're my age. That's probably where the disconnect between fans reared on modern anime and fans reared on older anime comes from--childhood experiences.

I think this whole phenomenon has something to do with the way the human mind is wired--when the brain restructures itself during adolescence to think like an adult, it renders us unable to avoid comparing what things are like now versus what things were like when we were children.

Or maybe everything really did magically start to suck at the turn of the millenium, and everyone is deluding themselves. It is a mystery.

"Or maybe everything really did magically start to suck at the turn of the millenium, and everyone is deluding themselves. ..."


Occam's Razor is alive and well, I see.

(You do realize the bit you quoted was tongue-in-cheek, right?)

Pretty, intelligent, and a stone cold geek. Gotta love Shoko-tan. Any wonder why her concert at AX was such a hot ticket?

I hope she enjoyed her visit to my hometown. For that matter, hope you enjoyed your visit here, Patrick. Come back to AX next year!

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