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Well, it's been said by some that my ego is the size of Jupiter, but I laugh at such things. Saying that, I have to say I didn't do that much for the tome except scan some stuff, point out some directions that Tim might investigate (like the Missing Yamato Album from Final Yamato.) and maybe, over all these years, my pounding into his head how IMPORTANT the music is to Yamato. Miyagawa (R.I.P., Maestro) was JUST AS IMPORTANT as Matsumoto in the entire final 'shape' of the show and the liner notes that Tim has translated showcase the love and massive effort that was put into that music.

It's all Tim's work, baby. I just put gas in the tank and cleaned the windshield.

And there's so MUCH more unwritten. Don't be surprised if he revisits this and even more hidden truths come to light.

I think Nishizaki's new project is going to go forward this time. I think all his troubles have managed to burn away some of the clutter that he took on in those post-Final Yamato years. I am just very, very sorry that Miyagawa and Haneda are no longer with us to delight us with new Yamato music. I have no idea who Nishizaki will tap, I don't think Akira Miyagawa has the chops, and (Tim will hate me for this) Fan Fave Yoko Kanno just can't do the job. Who can do it? I have no clue.

And finally, MAAAAAN I wish Polydor would get off their ASS and put Disco Yamato on CD!! and Columbia! Get to reissuing again! AAGGGHHH!

Can't they make a Symphonic Suite Pachinko Yamato for the game that's already out?

I believe there is already a CD for the Pachinko game...wasn't it a CR Pachislot thing? I believe that Tim has a listing for it in the article.

And Tim will be in Japan in Oct. I think, at least that's the plan. Maybe you and he can work out a way to interview Nishizaki for Otaku USA. After all, he DOES have a new project to promote and that makes it newsworthy, ya?

Everyone, let's meet at Trader Vic's...

Yeah, I saw that one CD was already out, but unless they recorded it at the now-closed Columbia Studio in Akasaka then it's really not a Symphonic Suite!

Also, I liked the approach that Matsumoto and co. used for Great Yamato: use the bits from the Final Yamato sessions that didn't make the cut.

Some stuff:

First off, thanks a heap for the recognize!!!

The pachinko CD is only three tracks long, and they were definitely not symphonic suite quality. Sasaki and a synthesizer, that's it.

The Great Yamato music was part old tracks rearranged and part new tracks; didn't find any evidence of them being 'leftovers.' Miyagawa said repeatedly that he had no more Yamato music left in him after it was all over. (Yet he somehow pulled a fantastic score out of thin air for Odin...)

I agree that Yoko Kanno would not be right for New Yamato. If I were to pick anyone, it would be Nozomi Aoki, who scored Galaxy Express, Galaxy Railways, Fist of the North Star, and plenty others. Hopefully whoever ends up scoring the new movie will borrow liberally from the theme library.

Nah...I think you go a whole direction with the music. Maybe something by Morning Musume or Puffy AmiYumi. The kids will love it! ;)

The Pillows.

Shit, man, is Loudness still together?

Great article, guys; it made me adore the eternity of love all over again!

God, I almost forgot. This week marks the 30th anniversary of the release of Arrivederci Yamato. It opened on August 5, 1978...

30 Years ago. Good god, Wonderfest should have been f'ing DEDICATED and consecrated in the name of Arrivederci, Yamato. Without the Yamato Boom 90% of what is now wouldn't even exist. Anime would still be seen overall as entertainment fit only for young children, and the only books we'd see are hardpage kiddy books and flexi-discs of OP themes.


And where is the new wave of stuff? The next sets of trading kits? The next wave of Crane Game toys?


Is there a doctor in the house?? Steve-O just had an aneurysm!

I do NOT live in a white van down by the underpass...well, not yet anyways...

Steve, while 2008 has not exactly been awash with new merch, it hasn't been exactly quiet either:


Hey, Steve and Tim! Why don't you guys expand that article into a book and sell it?

Tim: I know about most everything that's come out (even as I have been unable to partake of it) this year, but it's still so tame and limited compared to what such a significant anniversary should be, and even compared to just last year, or the 1999 'Matsumoto coup attempt' flood of game center prize toys.

There should have been another wave of Cosmo Fleet and the other collection of ships trading kits by now.

Did that overpriced die-cast and plastic Andromeda from WAVE ever come out? It was supposed to be timed for now...

I'm just saying.

Danno: I've mentioned that to Tim, he's really on the road to creating all the material for the ultimate History of Yamato book, but in this stupid "I wanna download it for freeeeee" age, can there be a market for such a thing? *I* think there is, but I'm not in charge. There's a hella lot more to translate, and there's still too many pieces missing for the ultimate, true, unbiased and unblushing history of Star Blazers to be written, and you'd really need that for the book as well.

Because you have to tie those two together. It *appears* that Nishizaki was more involved in Star Blazers than most of us thought, if all those articles in the Yamato Fan Club magazines are any indicator.

But don't talk to me, man, it's all on Tim. I'm just this guy.

I would love for there to be a book one day, but as Steve says, there is much more work to be done first. Still many, many topics to cover. It will probably take another couple years to reach the bottom of my list. Next up (for October 1st) will be an investigation into the first generation of Yamato fandom in Japan. After that probably an overview of Office Academy publications, then games, then book coverage, then garage kits, then 'making of' coverage, and then...

get the picture?

*heheheeh* and I suspect Tim is being optimistic about that list, because if this giant music essay has shown me anything, the vastness of the unknown is never ending, and just when you think you've reached the end, you discover it's just a fork in the road....

What's the difference between the 2 Tokuma Final Yamato Symphonics and the 3 Columbia ones. Any differences in arrangement and recording?

The tracks run the full range between 90% the same and 0% the same. I have yet to do a track-by-track comparison, but there is enough variation to make all 5 albums unique in some way. If you're wondering whether or not you should get them all, my answer is yes.

I don't think any of the tracks are exactly identical between the Tokuma and Columbia records. I've been doing alot of A/B checking (gotta love the iMac and iTunes, just load all these suckers on here and *click *click* back and forth. There's probably something in Garage Band I could use to run them side by side but I r not smart enough to figure it out) and really, they're all different.

I've tended to think of the Tokuma albums as the 'Haneda' mix and the Columbia ones as the 'Miyagawa' mix. I'm probably totally, utterly wrong about that.

Toss in the Eternal Edition CDs and the BGM CD (and the Prolog! can't forget that!) and you have a fine, big ass mix of music.

(and yes, Patrick, that's a somewhat canned answer because I've been answering that particular question since I came onto the internet back in the '90s :) )

Timuscope, I get the whole Encyclopedia Yamatocus Gigantus thing. But that's the thing. A volume that completely covers everything Yamatoesque would be pretty damn big and incomplete. Yamato is like this living thing that keeps going on and on. No one book is gonna do the whole thing justice. Why not break it down into a couple of sizable editions?

Just reading this article makes me wish I could buy it as a big old coffee table edition with full color full page pictures of the album covers and posters to drool over. Much better then tiny little lo res jpegs on my monitor.

Just for the fun:

According to my iTunes:

Final Yamato music-124 'songs', 8.7 hours, 5.2 gigabytes of space (uncompressed AIFF files)

This is just the score, not including actual songs.

Taken from the 3 Columbia soundtracks, the two Tokuma soundtracks, the BGM collection, the Prelude to Final CD, the tracks from Sound Fantasia, the two Eternal Edition CDs and the Yamato Theme 1983 from the Matsumoto Music Museum set.

For all the duplicated track titles, not a SINGLE ONE has a duplicated run time with any of the others.

Some are close. for example, the three tracks of 'Symphony of Aquarius' clock in at 9:44, 9:42, and 9:46, while the three tracks of the Dengil Kid Theme are 2:19, 4:43 and 3:02

So, there ya go.

Ok. For Final I have the four discs in the Eternal Premium box, the 2 disc Eternal set, and the single disc BGM. I think I'm good unless there is something truly amazing and different in the Tokuma Symphonic.

Danno, such a book (or series of books) would be my greatest wish, too, but it would have to come from Japan where all the image rights could be cleared with relative ease and editors would NOT be partially dependent (as I am) on internet images.

This may come as a surprise, but I don't actually own every Yamato thing ever made, so if I want to write about something that isn't at my fingertips I fall back on the jpeg library I've been building up for the last couple years. There's a ton of stuff there, but very little of it would look good on paper. Plus there's that pesky can't-charge-money-for-it problem.

That's not to say a website is a step down from a coffee table book, au contraire. A coffee table book can't be constantly updated, can't offer links to other books, and is stuck in a linear format. I've come to really enjoy the connectivity of one webpage to another, and I've arrived at the opinion that the multi-dimensional nature of a website is the best way to examine a multi-dimensional phenom like Yamato.

I plan to continue exploring this for as long as it takes.

Of course, I'm a stupid fanboy who has to have everything, even if it's a duplicate, just because.

(yes, I want the BGM reissues from a couple years ago, EVEN THOUGH I HAVE THEM ALL from the '95 issue. and I need that damn silver box Eternal Edition set to, dammit dammit. and the Drama CDs, I never finished those. And the Budokan concert CD. and the Piano/Choral CD. Crap. Yes I have the LPs but I want the CDs too! AARRGGH)

The more I consider things, the more the Tokuma records seem like a 'rough draft' of the final score for Final Yamato. In particular take track 4 from FY OST v.1 and track 8 from v.3. Very fast, very energetic, it's Lugal attacking and all that. Heavy use of guitar and piano to make it sing.

Well, on the Tokuma set (disc 1 track 3) it's the same symphonic score, minus the piano and guitar tracks. Creates an entire different energy.

Or take track 6 from the Final Yamato BGM. It's Kodai reflecting and it's 1:05, as heard in the movie. On the Tokuma set it runs 4:45 and is an entire mood piece, and frankly sounds like it was supposed to have a song attached.

So, ya know, just putting that out there.

Since all the experts are gathered here, WHERE can I find the Theme Of Yamato that closed Final Yamato? Is it on the 2-disc World of Matsumoto CD set?

Any help would be appreciated.

Greg Espinoza

This is an important question. Can Harrison and Eldred chime in plz?

Now I have found the source of where Tim gets his nightmarish ideas for me to translate....
May R'lyeh rise and bring you pleasant screams from sleeping Cthulhu.... :)

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