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FUN 420 FUN -- easy way to describe the "yakuza deka" series. Ryhuei Uchida is a plus in any movie. I only have the first 2 of 4 in the series (i have the optimum r2 box). "Smokin' Chiba" -- who'd of thunk that saying associates with Sonny. Now I just need someone to release the last 2 of the series.....and Wolfguy Engraged!!!

you must have all kinds of quality stash (and by stash i mean film memorabilia)

sidenote: my 10 month old 42" LCD tv busted. thank god for the 1yr warranty. I'll be slayin' suckas in no time!

smokin's for square noobs. huff spray paint!

I've only seen the Assassin before. Definitely a Yukio Noda masterpiece. The opening reel slays me every time.

I have a DVD-R of Wolfguy taped off Japanese TV in good quality, although the image is panned and scanned. Will trade for a Kurotokagi title.

Still on the CoD4 pipe. Tried Hardcore Team Deathmacth and lost a bunch of friends in accidental team kills. Why does no one ever rush the HQ when I tell them to?

Noda is definitely and underappreciated director. With films like Zero Woman, Deliquent Boss, Golgo13, The Karate, Soul of Chiba and of course Yakuza Deka under your directors cap, you truly made it and made me very happy.

COD- using the 26 lcd from bedroom. not the same as the 42, but will have to do for now. i'm squinting. it's my online game of choice, for now. i got a late start.

i'll send u an email regarding wolfy. pick up the yak/cop 1&2 w/ Killing Machine boxset from optimum. you can get it cheap and the quality is very good.

I can't find that movie at all on netflix! but i definitely NEED to see it.. Yakuza! Sonny! 420! What more does a girl need?

Pauline, you gotta understand, Patrick runs with the hardcore crowd. Mainlines the straight stuff, the pure quill, the original Japper-knees.

There are hints that there's some made in Hong Kong copies out there, but me, I'm stoopid like cupid and don't mess with that.

So, sorry, not on Netflix...unless BCI/Navarre dips into the Toei pocket again. Me, I want the Truck Yaro films in a box set. With Liner notes from Patrick.

Man, I hope BEI/Navarre hasn't given up on Japanese releases. I guess they pulled the plug on Silver Kamen because Iron King and Red Baron didn't sell so hot. Dammit. There goes my hope for Mach Baron.

Yeah, this movie is bootleg city for now. There's not even a home video for it in Japan, even.

Welcome to the site, Pauline.

The light is still green for the BCI/Eclipse stuff, with Silver Kamen (like easy in the top 3 for my fav tokusatsu show, EVER) and a bunch of Kadowkawa and Beat Takeshi films slated for the next round. Marc Walkow, formerly of Criterion, is working on them and blogging about extras and stuff over at http://outcastcinema.blogspot.com/

Well, that's all cool and all, but....um...not seeing much in the titles listed that excites me, and there is the problem of ANY non-mainstream DVD getting distro.

I just want Mach Baron, and a stunning legit release of the Chiba Street Fighter movies akin to the Sister Streetfighter set, and the dream, the fantasy of more classic live action shows...

I paid $300 for my Mach Baron R2 DVD box, and slightly less than that for Silver Kamen. I 'aint gonna wait for Best Buy to carry 'em.

In the meantime, JN Productions is releasing INAZUMAN in November ala their Kikaida and Kikaida 01 sets!

Hey, bro, I'm right there, I'd be spending so much money on the Japanese DVD sets it would be sick.

But gotta have the green to get the shiny. Not all of us are jet-setting secret agents of dark governments using pop culture as a cover, you know... :)

SH - you can get the Street Fighter box from these guys. i have it, it's good shite (original lang, eng subs, widescreen) I got my on ebay for ~$25 a while ago. Just makes sure you have a R2 or region free dvd player. (you can get those cheap as well).
TSF: http://www.optimumdvdstore.com/film.php?id=145
YD: http://www.optimumdvdstore.com/film.php?id=181
(again check ebay, you should be able to get it for half the price these shemps are wanting)

"Trucker Yaro" who doesn't want that set! Inuzaman is good news.

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