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And everybody wins!

"Do your best Japan!" refers to... what?

Plus, 12 different ways to eat a banana. xD

Tiny bananas IMO. >_<

Awesome. One day when I become king of the world, I'm gonna have this every day in my backyard.

BTW, it's no coincidence those bananas are "tiny" - they're the same size as the average Gyaru-O's wang.

interesting, yet better than the beijing olympics. where do i sign up?

I've been to the egg offices several times before, and I always get the sneaking feeling that something on the scale of the Gallympics has either just occurred or soon will: just never when I'm around!

This is one of the things which is ultimately so overly Japanese I am ashamed I never saw it coming.

rather than mini bananas i think they might be processed cheese - the kind that's tightly wrapped in plastic.

I think they're white hot dogs / sausages, rather than exceedingly thin bananas

where can i buy this dvd

Agreed. Probably not bananas.
There is no dvd. This is just a photo spread from a magazine.

Are they doing uma-uma in that top part? XD

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